Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hosting Back Online

After two days our hosting provider has fixed the problem. The good news for our clients, no data was lost and your sites are as they where before the outage. I did lose a weeks worth of design time on a site I was working on though. I have requested another database restore to try and recover my design content and configuration. I have a feeling that I'm going to be starting from scratch.

Again we apologize for any inconvenience.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hosting Outage

As of yesterday 5/7/2009 at 5:30am the hosting provider that provides service for and our clients is down. All services (which includes, websites, email) are "not available". Our provider is working hard to resolve this issue, unfortunately they do not have an ETA when the services will be available. We have been told that there was a severe hardware failure and they are restoring services from backups. However, these backups are from 4/29/2009. In short, that means any changes to websites between 4/29/2009 and the outage will not be recoverable at this time. We have been told that they are working on the faulty server and at some point be able to recover the missing data.

We will update the blog when services are available.

DesignMediaOne apologizes for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two New Clients - Sort Of...

Not exactly two new clients, one client two websites. I'm going to be taking web responsibilities for Sunset Chapel & Sunset Christian Academy. Both websites will be completely overhauled using Joomla!. The idea will be to put the Sermons online and archived and be able to change content as it happens. The possibilities with Joomla! are endless, so this should be exciting.

Audie's Vinyl Inc. - Getting Closer

The website for Audie's Vinyl Inc. is almost completed, yet again I'm running into content problems. The site is mainly comprised of vendor content (i.e. products Audie uses), which requires correspondence with these folks. Some of them have been on the ball and sending me media kits overnight others don't respond to emails. I only have two pages of work left to do, so hopefully the site will be live in the near future.

Owensboro Habitat for Humanity - Project Completion

Well, it's been along time, but the Owensboro Habitat for Humanity website is completed. The site has been completed for a while now, but getting the content proved harder than expected. I still have some content changes to make due to organizational changes, but the structure is complete.

The site is available at:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DesignMediaOne Signs Two New Clients.

DesigMediaOne is proud to announce it's two newest clients.

Habitat For Humanity of Owensboro
- Daviess County
Audie's Vinyl Inc.

Both sites are currently under construction and still in the DEMO phase. As these two clients sites reach completion, I will be posting a link to the new sites.

Monday, March 16, 2009 - Now Open


DesignMediaOne was started with the small business owner in mind. We believe that small business owners need the same or better quality of service as big business receives. Seeing a need for more exposure, DesignMediaOne decided to create a "small business" service that can provide quality, dedication, and personalized service.

Our client focus is small business owners in Florida and Kentucky, however we will work with clients across the United States on a per client basis. DesignMediaOne is an all in one service for small business. We provide web design, hosting, and email service designed specifically for the small business owner. We also provide photography services for the small business owner, such as staff and product photos. We can also dress up your office or waiting area with our selection of artwork.

Visit: DesignMediaOne to see how we can help your company.